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What is the “ body clock divorce ”?

By July 21, 2016No Comments

By Gianna Huesch

British family lawyers are noting the phenomenon of the “ body clock divorce ” as divorces increasingly feature wives and husbands at conflict over starting a family.

Practitioners in the UK are reporting seeing an increase in disputes over unfulfilled ambitions to have children, with some estimates saying the issue is behind as many as 1 in 10 divorces in Britain.

As statistics show that people are marrying at an older age, frustration and arguments over the issue of beginning a family are seen as leading to marriage breakups as women who believe their fertile years are running out and find themselves dissatisfied with partners who may not be on the same page, for example older husbands sometimes being less keen on having babies as they approach retirement.

Women may have focussed on their careers, putting their desires to have children on hold, only to find the issue becoming more pressing and in need of resolution, as they face the reality that their partner lacks their enthusiasm for starting a family.   Such husbands’ resistance to the idea of starting a family is regarded as leading to the compulsion to divorce in order to “find someone more favourable to the idea”.

What practitioners are finding is that attitudes to having children and raising a family are proving to be a major obstacle between marriage partners, with the inability to compromise over the issue leading couples to go their separate ways.

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