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Tips to save legal fees: using a “shadow lawyer”

By August 31, 2016No Comments

By Angela Li

Retaining a lawyer can be expensive. One option that we often suggest to our clients as a way to keep legal fees down is to use us as your “shadow lawyer”.

A shadow lawyer can:

  • Provide you with advice about your entitlements. For example, the lawyer can advise you about the percentage division of property that you would be entitled to. You can then negotiate with the other side yourself, knowing what your best-case and worst-case scenario.
  • Help you write letters, for example, if you would like to make an offer to the other side.
  • If you have reached agreement – help you write up your agreement in a legally binding way so that certain requirements are met. For example, if you are going to transfer property, then the agreement needs to be drafted in a way that is going to be accepted by the Revenue Office (so the transfer is stamp duty exempt).
  • If the other side has drafted documents for you to sign – review those documents with you and advise you whether there is anything that you should be aware of, before you sign them.
  • If you need to go to court – help you prepare your court documents, and help you prepare for each court event.

We find that using a shadow lawyer will often help clients keep costs down, as a lot of the “non-legal work” can be done by you.

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