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New family violence and law website

By September 16, 2019February 23rd, 2024No Comments

It’s always good to learn of another practical resource to help women who are going through family violence trauma, and after all you never know when you might need to pass this kind of website on to a loved one in a crisis. So it’s good to hear about a new initiative of National Legal Aid, the Australian Government and Family Advocacy Support Services, who have created a new website dedicated to drawing together diverse sources of information around the subject of family violence and law.

Family Violence and Law

On the site you’ll see simple, useful information on all aspects of the laws around family violence and child protection, with links to relevant organisations in your state. If you need help, you’ll be steered in the direction of the available family violence support services near you.

The site is divided into main sections which cover:

  • Domestic and family violence
  • The Family Advocacy and Support Centre
  • Domestic Violence Orders
  • Family law
  • Child protection
  • Getting help; and
  • Staying safe.

For example, in the section on Domestic Violence Orders, you’ll find good explanations of how the systems work around the states, under their various aliases: Intervention Orders, Family Violence Orders, Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders and Restraining Orders. There’s pages for:

  • how domestic violence orders are made;
  • what kinds of things the orders can stop;
  • what happens at court;
  • how you get your possessions back if there’s a domestic violence order;
  • what happens if someone breaks a domestic violence order,

and more.

The website comprehensively discusses the entire variety of different kinds of family violence that occur: Physical abuse; sexual abuse; verbal abuse; social abuse; financial abuse; spiritual abuse; damaging of property; harassment or stalking; systems abuse; reproductive abuse; forced marriage; and technology abuse.

It also talks about the effects on children of being exposed to domestic and family violence.

There’s also a decent section on online safety which might come in handy if you are security-minded even if you are not experiencing family violence yourself.

You can find the website here.

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