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Matrimonial disputes and property valuations – source Deloitte

By January 10, 2014No Comments

High profile divorce cases have made divorce settlements the focus of much media attention of late. However, it is not only the rich and famous who endure prolonged wrangling over ancillary proceedings.

Questions about values, or the valuation process, often arise in matrimonial disputes. When they do, the parties may want to individually appoint experts or instruct a single joint expert who understands the issues; who can reach sound conclusions grounded in an independent, objective, and thorough analysis of all the evidence; and who can explain the issues and their conclusions clearly and concisely to all non-experts involved in the dispute resolution process.

How Deloitte can help

Our forensic accountants have specialist expertise in investigating the financial aspects of matrimonial disputes and can be of particular assistance in devising appropriate and searching questions for the other party. Where necessary, we can provide expert evidence in Court.

We are able to perform a detailed review of assets and liabilities, particularly where there are concerns over the completeness of the information provided. Where a family business or interest in a business is involved, we can use our extensive expertise in performing business valuations or valuations of full, majority or minority shareholdings.

Where there are concerns, we can:

  • Undertake asset tracking work;
  • Review relevant electronic data with our forensic technology tools;
  • Gather in-depth information on a company or an individual from around the world, to help identify any additional assets that may not have been hidden or not disclosed; and
  • Assist in the preparation of ‘Duxbury Style’ calculations.

Our experience in assessing the extent of commercial wealth and income combined with our skills in asset tracing, has proved invaluable to Advocates and Solicitors acting in this field.


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