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Financial Abortion

By April 6, 2017No Comments

By Sharla Stevens

A question has recently been posed as to whether there’s an option for men to opt out of fatherhood early in a pregnancy via something called a “financial abortion” in an article by Catherine Deveny for the ABC.

Deveny commented that “I believe a woman should not be forced to become a mother any more than a man should be forced to become a father. If a man has not said, “I want to have a child with you now-ish”, it is fair to assume he doesn’t, and therefore should be able to legally withdraw from becoming a parent. It would also be less traumatic for children, and more empowering for women.”

If made available, a financial abortion would legally allow a man, who had previously stated their unwillingness to become a parent to cut all financial ties but also forfeit all rights and responsibilities with the child and mother within the early stages of the pregnancy in a binding and non-reversible decision, similar to sperm donors. Deveny reasons “Is it fair for people to be forced to become parents against their wishes? If it’s not fair for a  woman to be forced to bear a child or have an abortion, it follows it’s not fair for a man to be forced to become a parent…When we consent to having sex, we do not automatically consent to becoming a parent.”

This is a very controversial subject, and certainly not anything that the government is considering, but may get more attention in the future.

See Catherine Deveny’s full article at:

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