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Family Law in Canberra – Pre-nuptial jitters common, says report

By July 7, 2015No Comments

In the  UK, a report has found that half of divorced British couples had doubts before going ahead with their wedding. The survey polled 1604 divorced people about their past marriages and found that a third of respondents said they suffered “serious” nerves or jitter. Luckily, love is not only ultimately blind, but very optimistic, with “nearly 90 per cent (saying) they didn’t discuss what would happen if the relationship ended with their partner, instead ‘choosing to focus on the positives’”:

One in six people said they believed they could make their partner change for the better once they were married and 42 per cent said they hoped it would all work out.

It was reported that people commonly went through with the ceremony despite reservations, due to: embarrassment, feeling it was too late to pull out, feeling guilt about letting their partner down or pressure from family, and one in 10 people said “they’d already spent so much money on their wedding they didn’t feel like they could cancel”.

Experts recommend that people having doubts about getting married think seriously before going ahead as getting untangled will not be easy or cheap. A pre-nuptual binding financial agreement is a good idea as well, to “take away any confusion about how assets should be divided in the sad event that a marriage ends. As soon as you get married you open yourself up to a financial claim from your spouse.”

As to whether the results of the UK study can be extrapolated to Australia remains to be seen, but for more detail on the UK report, see:

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