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Family Law in Deakin ACT – Divorce acrimony a myth? – Canberra Times

By August 4, 2014No Comments

Brand new research conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies is being released this week. The large-scale study into post-separation property division has shed light on the reality of divorce settlements in Australia. Contrary to stereotypes, ‘separating parents across all income levels had generally sorted out their own affairs” without the courts. The majority of the 9000 people surveyed reported their property division as being fair, while about 30-40% of people felt the outcome was unfair.

At Alliance Family Law, we understand that most clients wish to resolve matters without  the costs, delays and aggravation of going to court. Our advice is tailored to you personally to help you achieve a legally binding settlement in the way that you want: whether you have reached agreement at the kitchen table, want help negotiating with your Ex, need help drafting the orders so that they are workable, or need to take it one step further and need to have an Accredited Specialist family lawyer go to Court for you.

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