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Family Law in Canberra – Beat the Christmas Filing Deadline

By September 14, 2015No Comments

Parents should be aware that the Family and Federal Circuit Courts will be closed over the Christmas period.

If there is any dispute about Christmas and school holidays parents should start trying to reach an agreement now to allow sufficient time to finalise these arrangements prior to Christmas. If you need assistance with discussing these arrangements with your ex-partner Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) can be quite helpful. There are circumstances, though, in which FDR may not be suitable or appropriate, or where it is unsuccessful in helping parents reach an agreement. In those circumstances you should seek advice from a family lawyer.

If you believe there is a risk that you and your ex-partner will not be able to reach an agreement then you should consider consulting a family lawyer now to ensure that any pre-filing procedures have been completed and there is time to prepare and file an Application in Court.

In Canberra there are only two duty Court lists left before Christmas, one in October and one in November. In order for your matter to be heard on one of these duty lists we would need to file your Application within the next couple of weeks. After the November duty list only very urgent matters will be heard by the Court before Christmas. The Courts are very busy leading up to Christmas so it’s wise to file your Application sooner rather than later to ensure your matter is heard.

If you would like assistance with your parenting arrangements for the upcoming holidays please contact Cristina Huesch, Sharla Stevens or Angela Li from Alliance Family Law on (02) 6223 2400.


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