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Family law expertise

Are you looking for family law experts? A little while ago Lawyers Weekly took a look at the reasons why people choose a particular family law firm and what people tend to value when it comes to selecting their family lawyer.  According to the industry newspaper, customers look for family law firms which:

  • have proven expertise and experience;
  • demonstrate compassion and emotional support towards clients;
  • have effective communication;
  • offer affordable and flexible payment options;
  • have a local presence and reputation;
  • are responsive and available;
  • offer a collaborative approach and ADR options;
  • provide customised legal solutions;
  • are technological savvy; and
  • have received awards and recognition.

What do family law experts look like on paper?

Do these reasons resonate with you?  What are your reasons for deciding on a family lawyer to represent you?

And looking at the reasons, how does Alliance Family Law stack up on each point as family law experts?

  1. Excellent track record of success. Proven experience. Lawyers expertise(including accreditation) and years of practice
  2. Experienced with emotionally charged situations, prioritising wellbeing of client, sensitive to emotional needs. Referrals to support groups or counselling.
  3. Experts in establishing trust. Listens. Can explain complex legal concepts, keep clients informed – regular updates, deal with concerns timely
  4. Payment options available – affordable – competitive rates, flexible options (sliding scale on income), unbundling, shadow lawyer
  5. Well respected locally. Care locally, testimonials, pro bono, community outreach, dedication to helping others
  6. Able to respond promptly, available for consultations, flex appt times, use of tech to streamline
  7. Focus on being collaborative. ADR. Commitment to resolve dispute in non-adversarial manner
  8. Experts on bespoke advice. Factor in financial situation and family dynamics.
  9. Uses tech to improve services. Simplify processes, enhance comms, advanced legal software, tools, platforms (case management systems, videoconferencing, secure client portal etc.
  10. Many indicators of expertise and excellence, accolades, and high rankings.

Source:  Lawyers Weekly

If you’d like to speak to Canberra family lawyer Cristina Huesch or one of our other experienced solicitors, please contact Alliance Family Law on (02) 6223 2400.

Please note our blogs are not legal advice.  For information on how to obtain the correct family law advice, please contact Alliance Family Law.



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