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Divorce made easy!

By July 12, 2016No Comments

By Cristina Huesch

Did you know that the courts are moving to almost 100% online divorce filing? This is good news for clients all over Australia, as regardless of how far they are from a court registry, they can now file their applications  online. Divorces can in many instances be finalised without clients ever attending a physical bricks and mortar registry or meeting a lawyer face to face, provided that the following key criteria is met:

  1. Separation of at least 12 months;
  2. Where there are children – arrangements for children are “proper” (this does not mean final orders are made), and both parties are filing an application jointly;
  3. There is a link to Australia (parties live here, are domiciled here, have lived here for at least a year and plan to continue making Australia their home, or are Australian citizens)

Alliance Family Law is a specialist family law firm who operates mainly in ‘the cloud’. We service clients all over Australia and the world using our unique software and Skype/Facetime where necessary. Our automated processes and workflows for divorces, as well as Consent Orders for parenting and property, mean that much of the process and administrative work can be managed by law clerks, not solicitors, saving you a lot of legal fees. We list our prices for fixed fee matters as well as our hourly rates on our website for transparency.

If you need legal assistance in relation to divorce or any other family law matter please contact Alliance Legal Services on 02 6223 2400 to make an appointment to speak with one of our solicitors, Cristina Huesch, Sharla Stevens or Angela Li.


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