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Canberra Family Law – Mother loses in alienation case

By December 2, 2014No Comments

It’s a case that serves as a stark reminder to parents to put the interests of children first, and to never attempt to damage a child’s relationship with the other parent: In a recent case, a judge has removed an 8 year old Brisbane girl from her mother’s home and placed her with her father as primary carer. This is despite the fact that the girl had lived with her mother since the age of 13 months.

Judge Evelyn Bender found the girl could only have a meaningful relationship with her father if he became primary carer, due to the mother’s years of interference in the father’s court-ordered time and the damage caused to the relationship between the daughter and her father.

The court heard the mother’s unremitting campaign to undermine her child’s relationship with her father distressed the child, who loved both parents….The anxious little girl had told a Court family consultant it was her dream to be able to “love Mummy and Daddy at the same time”.

The judge gave the father sole responsibility for the child’s health and education and allowed the mother to spend time with the girl on alternate weeks and during holidays.

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