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Canberra Family Law – Disputed Paternity and Child Support

By August 20, 2015No Comments

babyDealing with the Child Support Agency can be very difficult, particularly if you are disputing the paternity of the child. Upon the birth of a child the mother may choose to apply for child support payments from you through the Child Support Agency even if you have not been listed as the father on the child’s birth certificate. The Child Support Agency is then obliged to contact the person that the mother nominated as the child’s father to seek confirmation of that. If you are disputing or unsure whether you are the child’s father then Alliance Family Law staff can assist you in contacting the mother to arrange a DNA test.

There are also certain circumstances where, if the mother applies for child support payments, the Child Support Agency will presume that a particular person is the father of a child. Despite those circumstances it may be that the person is not the father and a DNA test is required to confirm the paternity. Alliance Family Law staff can assist you in negotiating with the Child Support Agency to suspend their claim for child support payments from you until a DNA test is completed and the results are made available.

We have had a number of matters where we have been able to negotiate successful outcomes for our clients.

If you need assistance with a DNA or Child Support Agency matter please contact Cristina Huesch, Sharla Stevens or Angela Li at Alliance Family Law on (02) 6223 2400.


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