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Family Law Funding Win

By May 29, 2017No Comments

By Annabel Sturgeon

Diana Bryant AO, Chief Justice of the Family Court, delivered the Keynote address for Talking Justice on Friday; a legal forum held in Bendigo.

She spoke about the increased funding for Australia’s family law system which was announced in the federal government’s 2017/2018 budget.

$80 million has been allocated to frontline family law and family violence services; this includes $12.7 million to establish Parenting Management Hearings, $10.7 million for additional family consultants to deal with family law cases; $3.4 million for additional domestic violence units; and $55.7 million boost to Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services.

At the address, Chief Justice Bryant commented on the budget saying “It is pleasing to see the government has taken an interest in family law at last.”

“I’ve been bemoaning the lack of attention to delivering changes for family law for a long time.”

Chief justice Bryant also commented on her scepticism toward the pilot program of the parent management hearings, stating they were effectively a tribunal with a panel of decision makers. She asks “Why do we need a tribunal rather than a judge?”

“A tribunal is a very different creature indeed from a judge hearing out as a less adversarial way.”

“One of the hallmarks of our prison system is transparency, and part of that comes with open courts so that anyone can attend and listen to a hearing. Will there be an equally open hearing with a tribunal?”

She then goes on to discuss the impact of social media on family law cases, especially with the increase of people posting about them online.

“This is a breach of the family law act, which is obviously a concern,” she said.

She says that protecting the anonymity of children is of the utmost importance and urges people to not take advice from dubious online forums but rather from actually legal professionals.

“The internet is changing our culture and our legal culture will likely be increasingly affected by it,” she said.

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