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Canberra Family Law – Collaborative Law – a better way to solve your family law problem

By August 27, 2015No Comments

One of the most common thing our clients say to us is, “I don’t want to go to court.”

If you’re thinking the same, then Collaborative Law might be an option for you.

Collaborative Law is a process of cooperation, where you, your Ex and your lawyers will try to work through what is important to each of you, to try and reach an agreement that you’ll both be happy about. The process is about focussing on your interests, and trying to understand each other’s concerns. It’s particularly ideal if you have young children, where you have years of co-parenting ahead, or if you have complex financial structures set up that will need to be divided.

Your lawyer will need to specially trained in Collaborative Law.

Whilst we can’t say that Collaborative Law is going to be the cheapest option for you, we can certainly say that it is a much cheaper option than going through the court system.

If you’re interested in Collaborative Law, please contact us on (02) 6223 2400 and we can discuss with you how to get the process started.

For more information generally on Collaborative Law, please visit Collaborative Practice Canberra at


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