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Canberra Divorce Lawyers – Helping Children Through Your Divorce

By June 5, 2015October 21st, 2021No Comments

Helping kids through divorce: new online program available worldwide

Clinical psychologists in Arizona, USA have developed an innovative program, based on scientific research, for helping children whose parents are divorcing. The online program, called “Children of Divorce Coping with Divorce”, teaches emotional coping strategies via a series of interactive audio and video modules for children aged between 11 and 16.

The psychologist who originally devised the program, Jesse Boring, explained that the program ‘uses all the best information we have that we know helps people’ (Source:

The modules explore the emotions many kids feel when their parents divorce, and teach how they can develop strategies to deal with those feelings in a healthy way.

The material is designed to mimic the way a clinical psychologist would actually talk to a child in person, with the content personal and humorous in style. Children complete the 5 session program at their own pace.

The COD-COD psychologists explain:

“CoD-CoD is designed to promote your child’s development of four divorce-specific protective factors that have been identified through millions of dollars of psychological research. These four protective factors are increased active coping, decreased avoidant coping, improved coping efficacy, and healthier divorce-related appraisals.”

The course offers content including identifying emotions in self and others, common divorce-related feelings, how to use thoughts to manage feelings, the four parts of good communication, how to bring up tough topics, problem-solving and more. There are also segments on Bensonian Relaxation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and The Relaxing Breath.

As to whether the program actually works, the team of psychologists state:

“The results of our randomized control trial (RCT) indicates that CoD-CoD was successful in reducing mental health problems and improving coping-efficacy (your child’s belief that they have the tools to handle stressors).”

The course costs around US$50 per single child, but can be accessed for less for those who are financially struggling. Visit the COD-COD website to learn more:


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